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Alpha & Omega

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PostSubject: Contact List   Contact List Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 5:36 pm

How it works?

All informations about you or someone else you should send to me either on email either on msn or by Private Message on forum (best way).

People will be gruoped like we were send in camp. So people from Vukovar in one group, from Novi Sad another group, etc.
In this way it will be easier to search.
It would be nice to put some photos of you so if people don't know your name they might now how you look.

It will look like this:

Name: name
Surname: surrname
Adress: adress
E-mail: your.e@mail.awnil
MSN: your.msn@mail.awnil
Username: username
Mobilephone: +000 00 000 0000

I hope i'll recive all contacts.

AWNIL Admin...
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Contact List
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